The promotion comes to an end

Hi all!

Well, I just wrapped up a promotion on Amazon that saw The Ruins of Mars add over 3,200 new readers in five short days! Combined with existing downloads this put me well north of the 20,000 total download mark I've been aiming for since day one!

Now that it's all over and done with, I'm left thinking: what's next? Where should I set the bar now? How high?

More importantly though, what should I get myself when I hit that new mark? 

With 20,000 I earned an expensive bottle of whiskey (recommendations on that front are welcome btw!) I still have to actually go out and buy it but hey, I earned it and that's all that really matters. Wait, what am I saying? The whiskey is all that matters...I need to hit the store!

I think 50,000 has a nice ring to it, a nice round and regal smack. Maybe when I reach that many downloads I'll purchase a ticket to Rome for the week. Hell, maybe I'll just move to Rome. I do enough reading on the subject these days.