PURCHASE: Eye of the Apocalypse 

Grappling with the mysteries of the past and faced with a future hell-bent on their destruction, Harrison and the Mars team enter the final chapter of this thrilling Scifi Trilogy. 

Resuming directly after the dramatic conclusion of Waking Titan, Eye of the Apocalypse follows Harrison Raheem Assad and his fellow crew members as they frantically work to survive in the combined aftermaths of the deadly solar pulses, and a failed invasion. With Earth now plunged into chaos, they find themselves fully on their own, their destinies in their own hands. 

Hunted by a rogue weaponized AI, their lives are in constant peril as insanity and violence descend from all sides. Only by unlocking the secrets of the distant past can they hope to understand their crumbling reality and find salvation.

The perfect conclusion to the sweeping Ruins of Mars Trilogy, Eye of the Apocalypse is equal parts pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat action, and thought provoking study of consciousness.   

Start the Trilogy now and see why thousands have come to love this indie Scifi spectacle.