PURCHASE: Waking Titan

Picking up exactly where The Ruins of Mars left off, Waking Titan continues the saga of Harrison Raheem Assad and the Mars Mission as they explore the Alien ruins.

In this installment, Harrison and his teammates struggle to come to terms with a shocking discovery: the lost city of Mars was built by 2 different races of alien beings. 

However, it is Braun, the team’s AI, who truly sees just how profound this revelation really is. Echoing through time and space, a force drives Braun far from his programmed limitations and into a reality that is fractured and broken. 

Meanwhile, Harrison and the others push ever deeper into the ruins, propelled forward by blind human perseverance. What they find, forgotten and buried for eons, will change the destiny of the entire solar system.

Death, betrayal, and enlightenment texture the backdrop of Waking Titan, making it a darkly alluring chapter in, The Ruins of Mars Trilogy.