Arriving on the scene in 2012 with the publication of The Ruins of Mars, Dylan James Quarles is one of Amazon's finest Kindle Authors.   

Using his natural ability to make sentences come alive in your mind, Quarles immerses the reader in the world of his creation, adding layer upon layer until the narrative plays like a film. Further enriched by unique characters and breath-taking action sequences, his fiction is an ideal blend of entertainment and substance.

Within a year of being published, The Ruins of Mars  had already accrued a substantial fan base and racked up thousands of downloads. By the time Waking Titan was released, things were reaching a fever pitch. In 2014 Eye of the Apocalypse hit digital shelves and instantly garnered 5 star ratings and rave reviews from eager fans and critics alike.

Now, with the creation of a new series already underway, Quarles has set his sights not on the stars and planets above but on modern day Rome and its alluring wealth of Greco Roman mythology. In his new series The Man from Rome, Quarles tells the story of an unnamed immortal, dedicated to the protection of the Eternal City from outside attacks by other supernatural entities.